About Us

Our florist shop was the first one in Šibenik.

50 years ago my deceased grandmother had a flower stand at the Old market (stari Pazar).

Early in the year 1966, with the opening of the New Market (Nova Tržnica) in the center of Šibenik, the city authority assigned it, as the first florist shop in the city, a stone market stand at the upper market plateau.

Cvjecarnica Gorana

In the year 1988, when my grandmother left work, my mother took over the florist shop and when the reconstruction of the upper market plateau took place here was build a market kiosk with the name Florist shop Gorana.

When my mother in the year 2009 went to retirement e I took over the florist shop.

I continued the family tradition introducing new trends in the arranging of bouquets, floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, the decoration of halls, conference halls, hotels, restaurants and yachts and bouquets for baptizings, communions and confirmations or for other events on request of the client.